What is VBT?

Values have been identified cross-culturally as the motivational building blocks towards behavioural change. Now more than ever people are reflecting upon values. Outstanding leaders across the world have cited and attributed their success to hiring those individuals who embody traits such as skilfulness, creativity, and flexibility. These are just a few examples of values that are featured within our innovative model. Individuals and corporations worldwide lack a framework to effectively incorporate values into daily living and working. This is a shortfall that is addressed via Value Balance Training.

VBT is a personal and workplace training model with values at its core, underpinned by sociological and psychological theory. This model places a detailed lens upon personal values which enables us to enhance well-being and corporate success. Long gone are the days when employee happiness is sacrificed in pursuit of corporate profitability.

VBT allows an employer to truly discover and hone exemplary talent. How? Through value exploration, we will help employers hire happy workers and cultivate the well-being of existing employees by inspiring them to pursue ‘what really matters’.

How will VBT benefit you?

Value Balance Training model

Organisations that focus on hiring happy and productive workers hold distinct labour advantages over their peers. Due to the world’s fragile state this is an opportune time to introduce you to VBT. Our bespoke training model will provide individuals, teams, leaders and organisations with a framework to instil behavioural change by prioritising, practicing and perpetuating values which in turn creates happiness.

VBT is the newest and most innovative workplace technique for developing both personal and corporate success!

Introducing our innovative model

Through exploration of one’s values, we’re able to identify how balanced your values are across four key zones, comprising your bespoke ‘value atlas’, which includes 52 standardised and empirically based value specifications.

Value Balance Training model - openness
Value Balance Training model - global vision
Value Balance Training model - personal empowerment
Value Balance Training model - regulation

The model simultaneously illustrates, both quantitatively and qualitatively, how these individual values complement and compete for attention in each of our lives thereby serving as the foundations to the 'tilt reality' and ‘narrative landscape’ of your personalised 'value atlas'. Additionally, the model identifies ‘value blockers’ to increases awareness of daily challenges that may impede your ‘value pathways’, and offers 'value enhancement' strategies which will serve as your ‘catalyst for change’ going forward.

Tia & Katharine's model really resonated with me and now I subconsciously apply it to my daily life. Above all, they've prevented me from perpetual unemployment!

Phillip, New York City (January 2020). 

VBT was so insightful for me, a phenomenal way of seeking and achieving the best version of myself. 

Karon, London (September 2020)