What is VBT?

Values have been identified cross-culturally as the motivational building blocks towards behavioural change. Now more than ever individuals are reflecting upon their values. Leaders are becoming aware of how their personal values shape organisational culture. CEOs across the world have attributed their success to hiring individuals who embody traits such as such as skilfulness, creativity, and flexibility. These are just a few examples of values that are featured within our innovative model.

Individuals and organisations lack a framework to effectively incorporate values into daily living and working, losing sight of their core values as they face life's twists and turns. This shortfall is addressed via Value Balance Training.

How will VBT benefit you?

Individuals: Whether you are launching your career, seeking a career change or embarking upon positive life change, VBT provides you with the tools to discover and balance your core values. Self-awareness of one's values is a crucial step towards meaningful change, psychological well-being and ultimate success. 

Value Balance Training model

Leaders: The personal values of leaders significantly influence an organisation's culture. VBT provides leaders with a sophisticated method of discovering and articulating their values organisation wide, forming a unified call to action for all employees. Our model empowers leaders with a value based approach to curating, retaining and maximising talent.

The wider organisation: Values provide a powerful source of competitive advantage. Ultimately, when individual values are aligned with corporate values, well-being, employee engagement and corporate profit follow suit. Construct a happy productive environment. 

Introducing our innovative model

Through exploration of one’s values, we’re able to identify how balanced your values are across four key zones, comprising your bespoke ‘value atlas’.

Value Balance Training model - openness
Value Balance Training model - global vision
Value Balance Training model - personal empowerment
Value Balance Training model - regulation

1) Prioritise your values and their ensuing behaviours,

2) Practice new value pathways by discovering your unconscious behaviours, and 

3) Perpetuate value pursuit to secure values front and centre within your life. 

The model simultaneously illustrates, both quantitatively and qualitatively, how these individual values complement and compete for attention in each of our lives, thereby generating the 'tilt reality' of your personalised 'value atlas'. Additionally, the model identifies ‘value blockers’ to increases awareness of daily challenges that may impede your ‘value pathways’, and offers value enhancement strategies which will serve as your ‘catalysts for change’ going forward.

As a global macro hedge fund manager, I’ve discovered that Value Balance Training (VBT) has been an instrumental tool in helping me to crystallise my own motivations, my own core values. Is it the money? Is it learning? Is it my desire for challenge, competition, and excitement? If you deviate too much from your core values or if you forget or ignore some that helped make you who you are, such as loyalty, creativity, or romance, you’re likely to feel unfulfilled, will not lead with authenticity, and ultimately will be unable to reach the pinnacle of success.

Colin Lancaster – author of recently published book ‘Fed Up!’ Success, Excess & Crisis

VBT was so insightful for me, a phenomenal way of seeking and achieving the best version of myself. 

Karon, London (September 2020)