Katharine Woodhouse

After receiving her initial degree in Psychology and Criminology (BSc), Katharine commenced her ten year career as a police officer within the City of London Police. She specialised in a variety of operational policing commands including Counter Terrorism and Economic Crime where she led international money laundering investigations in her role as a Detective Sergeant. Whilst serving as a police officer, Katharine completed an MSc in Police Management and continued to further her career via a transition into the banking sector, where she successfully launched a highly innovative Investment Fraud team on behalf of the Royal Bank of Scotland. During this time, she was identified as leadership talent, inspiring her to embark upon her studies in Organisational Psychology. In light of a personal family trauma she specialised in women’s experiences of career change following breast cancer and subsequently authored an academic paper which is soon to be published in a leading counselling journal.

Katharine Woodhouse - Value Balance Training
Tia Lancaster - Value Balance Training

Tia Lancaster

With a background in law (JD), Tia’s diverse US based career began in labour and employment law serving primarily as a lecturer in employment discrimination. She became increasingly interested in equality within the workplace after her youngest daughter was diagnosed with a childhood cancer, debilitating her eyesight. Subsequently, Tia led ground-breaking initiatives on behalf of various cancer charities and academic boards, realising her desire to incorporate her attorney’s skillset with her passion to ensure that all members of society have even and fair opportunities towards success. After relocating to London with her family, she worked as an executive consultant before returning to study at City University where she collaborated with high-stakes professionals, realising the ever increasing importance of values both in an individual’s personal and professional life.

Tia and Katharine met as they embarked upon their master’s degrees in Organisational Psychology (MSc) at City University, London. Whilst they have varied backgrounds, they both quickly discovered their shared passion for improving people’s lives in the workplace. A diverse array of topics including organisational behaviour, career coaching and health psychology enhanced their existing knowledge and experience developed throughout their working lives.

Their international breadth of experience has provided Tia and Katharine with an accomplished platform for their partnership and the subsequent formation of VBT, a framework that they wholeheartedly believe can improve life both at home and in the workplace. Both Tia and Katharine quickly identified the stigma around professionals in high-pressure workplaces seeking psychological support, identifying the need for highly accessible, innovative and exciting tools to help employees thrive. They discovered that values are an integral part of all our lives, across cultures and disciplines, and it is vital that individuals identify, move towards and cultivate what they value most in their lives.

Tia and Katharine founded VBT to bring a new kind of psychological training to the market. VBT is both mindful and empirical in its execution, with utmost respect for each individual’s narrative. More so than ever in recent times, the universal yearning for value based living has become ubiquitous, emphasising the fragility of life and one’s tendency to become lost in its triviality. Tia and Katharine are determined to help individuals actively realise their lifelong ambitions, to both ‘pursue values-pursue success’ via the delivery of Value Balance Training.