• Value Balance Training

The VBT Method

Its intention and how it catalyses positive change in people’s lives

The pillars of VBT: Guiding you, every step of the way

In the latest series of our blog posts we introduce you to VBT's guiding pillars: Prioritise, Practice, and Perpetuate via a case study, walking you through ‘Peter’s’ VBT journey. Peter came to us at a time of transition in his own career. He had begun a year long gardening period, after working in prominent hedge fund leadership positions for 25 years. He expressed a lack of fulfilment in certain aspects of his high intensity yet successful career in finance.

The Value Atlas: Achieving your 'Perfect Balance'

Prioritise - start your journey towards behavioural change

We ask clients to sort their values with VBT’s bespoke deck of cards, each card designated to a particular value. Peter removed cards in a process that configures his personalised VBT 'Value Atlas’. Each value sits in (or on the border of) one of the four Value Atlas zones. Peter removed ‘Openness’ values such as courage, creativity, and adventure early in the sorting process, whilst prioritising values such as persistence, challenge and prosperity.

As one may expect given his background, Peter’s ‘Value Atlas’ revealed the vast majority of his core values were in the zones of Personal Empowerment and Regulation. Peter’s atlas was heavily tilted towards values motivated by personal achievement and governance. Values in the more ‘northerly’ zones of Openness and Global Vision had been neglected. Unique to VBT is the second element of this pillar, the deep dive value interview. Remarkably, his narrative revealed that values removed early in his value sort (courage, creativity and adventure) were in fact vital in his pursuit of lifelong ambitions. We discovered his underlying desire to write that book, to be his own boss and become a ‘yogi’. His ‘lost or forgotten’ values were palpable and within reach. They are they key to a happier, more fulfilled life.

Practice - what is blocking your pathway towards your ‘perfect imbalance’?

We then discussed Peter’s psychological barriers or ‘blockers’ - his obstacles towards a more balanced Value Atlas. His choice of the ‘Anchoring’ blocker, demonstrating his tendency to be fixed in certain traits, turned out to be one of the most revelatory in Peter’s VBT journey. It revealed that he felt blocked from moving from a dominant zone of Regulation towards Openness. This imbalance keeps him from doing things like writing that book, or pursuing his own hedge fund. Peter’s tilt reality was heavily driven by the importance of profit and loss (P&L) in the life of a trader. It allowed him little time for his lost and forgotten values.

Perpetuate - discover your ‘ACE’ card

In the final VBT pillar Peter discovered his ACE card - Be Alert, Construct new pathways and Evolve with life’s twists and turns. The VBT team helped him create ‘catalysts for change’ towards a more ‘perfect imbalance’. These catalysts were designed to trigger values in the Openness zone that he had lost or forgotten as he became entangled with life’s twists and turns. His gardening leave could serve as a time to explore his long lost desires.

Peter’s bespoke VBT journey provided him with the tools to re-evaluate his core values and the impact upon his personal and professional life. During a follow-up session months later, Peter expressed a sense of freedom from the pressures of the finance industry and the intense pressure to profit. He began to make a conscious effort to reinstate his lost and forgotten values into his life.

Change does not have to be momentous. When we prioritise, practice, and perpetuate ‘what matters most’ we can Pursue Values & Pursue Success. Peter even started that book!